Welcome to Wonder Mining!

Colorado tourists Visiting Maroon Bells in Fall

And what, you ask, is WONDER MINING?

Well, it all started with being a wonder junkie. But recently I decided I wasn't willing to leave that life-affirming sense to chance anymore. What I mean is this: I wasn't willing to just wait for the occasional feeling to wash all over me during a surprise moment or accidental encounter. 

I realized that there are certain things, places, situations, and people that seem to bring out that astonishing, childlike, and sometimes unsettling feeling of wonder in me. So I decided to make seeking wonder a deliberate daily act. Thus Wonder Mining was born.

I define Wonder Mining like this:


Wonder Mining is the deliberate act of seeking out and placing oneself in and around situations, objects, environments, and people with the highest probability to elicit the greatest possible sense of wonder.


Travel, reading, photography, film, dogs, the great outdoors, and kids seem to spark that sense of wonder the most for me. (Wow, that's a long list!) But, I know it’s different for everyone. If you get a minute, please me know what sparks wonder for you. I'm always looking for new reasons to smile.

I hope you’ll join me in the quest for seeking more wonder each and every day.